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Mandatory Policies For All Participants


Modesty is a whole disposition, it is not just what we wear, although that is important. Modesty is an attitude; it is how we talk and how we present ourselves.  The most important point about modesty is that we are created by God, loved by Him and made to give Him glory.  How we act and how we present ourselves to the world must reflect this truth.

So, why do we focus on clothing? This is the most outward expression of our identity; it’s how we convey who we are to the world. As Christians we want our dress and identity to reflect our faith. 

What does this have to with an all-female camp experience? Modesty helps maintain the mystery of who we are as women. The purpose of dressing modestly is to draw attention to the whole person, not just the body.  


Short shorts, tank tops, mini-skirts, spaghetti straps, low-cut tops, transparent clothing, and bikinis are not considered modest dress.  Also, no skinny pants, or hip-huggers.


Please bring modest swimwear and a cover-up: one-piece swimsuits, or full top and shorts suits. Appropriate dress for Holy Hour and Mass required: Below knee-level skirt or dress; appropriate modest top.


Dressing modestly does not mean that you can’t have fun when you get dressed or love what you are wearing or want to look good; God is the author of beauty, and dressing modestly, adorning the body God gave us in an attractive manner is a beautiful thing. 


  • Behavior and Backpack Search- Serious offenses against the camp rules will result in a camper's immediate dismissal from the camp program, and parents will be notified to pick up their child. Camper's belongings may be searched any time for drugs, alcohol, or other forbidden items.

  • Electronics and Books- All electronics, iPhones, iPads, iPods, music playing devices, Kindles, laptops, DVD players etc. are NOT allowed. All books, magazines and literature must be reviewed with the counselors at the beginning of camp. It will be determined whether or not the camper is allowed to keep the books in the cabin or on their person.

  • Lost or Stolen Items- The St. Scholastica's Summer Camp and its staff is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Campers are asked to leave any valuables or electronics (iPods, Kindles, etc.) at home. All personal items must be marked with camper's name and claimed before departure.


Cell Phones- In order to foster an environment consistent with our goals of providing opportunities for authentic camaraderie and shaping affections towards the truth and beauty, the possession and use of a Cell Phone is not permitted for ANY participant, including counselors. If it is necessary to bring a cell phone during travel, it must be turned into the office and not accessible during the camp except for true emergency calls that will be made inside the office. NOTE: There are also phones on campus that can be used in the case of an emergency. Homesick calls are not considered an emergency. If a girl is homesick and would like to go home, we will contact you for pickup.


Photographs and Media- Participants may be photographed/video during camp activities. I agree that images may be used for educational and public relations purposes by The St. Scholastica's Summer Camp.


I certify the following is true:

  • I agree to tell my daughter to obey all safety rules and to report any physical problems related to her physical condition to the St. Scholastica's Summer Camp staff if a problem occurs.

  • That my daughter is not currently under the care of a physician for an injury or illness that would prevent her safe participation at camp.

  • That my daughter is in good health and there is no reason she cannot safely participate in strenuous physical activity.

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