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It might not be possible for you to leave your home for a three-day pilgrimage, but you can take just 15 minutes each day to take some extra time in quiet and prayer during October 10th-12th, 2024, to unite yourself in prayer to the pilgrims as they walk offering their physical and spiritual sacrifices for the defense of the traditional family and the sanctity of life - While pursuing that which is Good, True, and Beautiful.

All For Thee,
O' Hearts Three!



"There has always hung round the idea of a pilgrimage, with all people and at all times – I except those very rare and highly decadent generations of history in which no pilgrimages are made, nor any journeys, save for curiosity or greed – there has always hung round it, I say, something more than the mere objective. … I will visit the grave of a saint or of a man whom I venerate privately for his virtues and deeds, but on my way I wish to do something a little difficult to show at what a price I hold communion with his resting-place, and also on the way I will see all I can of men and things; for anything great and worthy is but an ordinary thing transfigured, and if I am about to venerate a humanity absorbed into the divine, so it behooves me on my journey to it to enter into and delight in the divine that is hidden in everything."

- Hilaire Belloc,
Hills and the Seas

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